UX Case Study: Sub-Buddy-Subscription Management app.

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Research Goal

  • 65% (28 persons) were male while the rest 35% (15 persons) were female.
  • 95% were 18 to 30 years old.
  • 81% of topmost subscription bills were data and App subscriptions.
  • 70% (32 persons) don’t have a record of their subscriptions.
  • Only 5% (2 persons) write their current subscriptions down in a logbook.
  • 45% (19 persons) have received unexpected deductions from their bank accounts due to automatic subscription renewals.
  • 100% are smartphone savvy.
  • 91% are interested in a subscription management app.

And more research...

  • Are there any services you’ve subscribed to, if yes, please give some examples?
  • How do you record your subscription payments?
  • Have you ever received some unexpected deduction from your account from subscription auto-renewal?
  • What are the challenges you’ve faced with keeping track of your subscription payments?
  • “When I plan my finances, I want to be able to see all the services I have subscribed to in order to plan budgets for what’s a priority and what’s not …”
  • “…I have a lot of subscriptions, but sometimes when I am broke, I need to know what renewals need to be paid and the ones I don’t need. I want to plan better…”

Competitive Analysis:

REACH — Exclusively on Android.

  • Free app. Most features are free as well.
  • Gives a birds-eye view of all financial activities.
  • Android only
  • A lot of features shown at once to users. Could be quite overwhelming at first.
  • No payment notification

App Store — Subscription Manager (iOS):

  • Native solution
  • Only lets you manage subscriptions bought via the app store.
Google play store review
Google play store review
Google play store review

User Persona

user persona
user persona

Finding Solutions

  1. Reminders

Introducing — Sub Buddy


Sub Buddy Arcihtecture
high fidelity design
App analytics for Sub buddy
lock screen notifications for Sub buddy
Style guide for Sub Buddy


sub buddy mockup

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UX Designer | Front-end web developer | Tech community builder | Budding Digital artist .

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Princess Oviawe

Princess Oviawe

UX Designer | Front-end web developer | Tech community builder | Budding Digital artist .

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