New kid on the block: First day at Mobicure

Take a not so brief moment to forget about the world’s problems and focus on me. Soo.. I am thrilled to announce that today is my first day at Mobicure where I’ll be working as a UX designer for the tech team.

How I got here

Since starting out my career in tech, I have grown considerably both as a person and as a professional. Although I haven't always been a UX Designer, I started first as a front-end web developer, then as a Data analyst and for the past two years almost three now, I have fully transitioned and have been working as a UI/UX Designer. Most assuredly, I can say the knowledge from my past experience has helped me become a UX designer who codes and also analyses data. I’m quite the unicorn huh? :)

Before now, I have worked remotely for companies across Nigeria, the Netherlands and Canada as a developer, data researcher and UX designer. During those years, I have made awesome connections including my new colleagues here at Mobicure.

How it's going

For most, Mobicure is a digital health company that provides healthcare solutions in the techiest way ever! This is but one expression of Mobicure’s value evidenced by other awesome expressions like myPaddi app and Omomi app that exists within Mobicure.

MyPaddi is more popular among the young folk and it focuses on educating and improving the sexual health of its users. Read up the evolution of myPaddi app here

mypaddi app logo
myPaddi app logo

While Omomi is a go-to app for mothers and pregnant women with health information and connecting them with doctors.

omomi app logp
Omomi app logo

My role at Mobicure

As a UX designer, I’ll be working closely with Mobicure’s products, UI design, UX research, user stories and developer relations within the engineering team.

Expectations and last thoughts

While accepting this offer, I had already painted a picture in my head. I wanted to work in a company that allowed for personal and professional growth. Also, I wanted a place where I can be free to express my ideas and not get cooped up in my own bubble.

I hope to come up user-centric designs that would improve the user experience of the products in Mobicure as well as dig deep into user research and documenting user stories which would improve the look and feel of products as well as increase user engagements with the products. My greatest fulfilment would be that my designs and research would help add value and satisfaction to thousands of Mobicure product users as well as boost revenue for the company in all.

So far I have spent 5 hours at Mobicure HQ, and so far I have had a swell time getting onboarded. I have met with the tech team which includes Duziem (Front-end engineer), who I walked with on my commute, Also Justice (Lead UX/UI Designer) with whom I’ll be working closely with, also Kachi (Head of operations), and also Dr Charles (Co-founder) who has so far made my entry and onboarding a smooth ride.

Well, its time for me to get back to working on making my expectations a reality.


Thank you for reading my article :) I will really appreciate any comments and feedback below or just feel free to contact me via




UX Designer | Front-end web developer | Tech community builder | Budding Digital artist .

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Princess Oviawe

Princess Oviawe

UX Designer | Front-end web developer | Tech community builder | Budding Digital artist .

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